The 28th Stuttgart-Lauf will take place on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of July.

Here you will find information regarding the implementation of the Stuttgart-Lauf 2021.

Overview Updates Season 2021

11th of February 2021: Results of Survey

Over 400 runners took part in the Stuttgart-Lauf survey - this commitment alone made us very happy, as it shows that there is great interest in the run and its implementation in 2021. At this point, thank you again for your feedback!

Essentially, we take with us that you would like us to provide you with support in the preparation in the form of stability training, specialist lectures from the Württemberg Athletics Association, which is where Stuttgart-Lauf belongs to, and virtual runs for testing your shape. We will keep presenting new offers here:

-> Stuttgart run preparation

For the Stuttgart Run 2021, the virtual variant is still one we are keeping in mind. Nevertheless, we give everything and work on concepts so that we can run together with you on site in any way possible and secure for all of us. How this will look like,  depends on how the pandemic develops.

We gave more detailed insights in our first little live talk, which can be seen on Instagram. Here we will also give live updates on the current planning status at irregular intervals.

-> Stuttgart run results in live talk on Instagram


19th of January 2021: Survey

It's less than 6 months until the Stuttgart Run 2021! What do you need, where can we support you? What are your wishes for the Stuttgart Run 2021? Take part in our survey.

Click here for the survey (already closed)

Dear Stuttgart runners,

on 10/11 July is all about again at the Stuttgart Run! How exactly it will look this year is currently still uncertain. Nevertheless, we don't want to keep our feet still - that's not our thing as runners - we prefer to give full power to the Stuttgart-Lauf 2021!

In addition, we would like to plan and implement actions in the coming weeks and months in which we come into contact with you (only virtually, of course!) And which support you in preparing for the Stuttgart-Lauf.

It is also about what the Stuttgart-Lauf could look like in 2021. Of course, that depends primarily on what the legal regulations will then be. Either way, we will have to get creative and we would like to take your wishes into account.

Therefore tell us: What do you want? What do you need? How can we best accompany you? Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Click here for the survey (closed)

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