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Attention: Anyone who has already been registered for the Stuttgart Run 2020 and has chosen Option 1 or 2 (voucher or donation) during the reversal is already automatically registered for the virtual Stuttgart run and no longer needs to register!

Virtual Stuttgart-Lauf 2020 - Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to the virtual Stuttgart run to the extent that they are applicable. For example, there are differences in the following points:

§ 3 Registration - Participant Contribution - Terms of Payment - Refund

(3) The organiser automatically sends a confirmation of registration to the participant upon registration. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time and/or to exclude him from the event if he or she has either culpably provided false information on personal data relevant to the evaluation of his or her sporting performance in accordance with the above-office sports regulations, is subject to a ban by the DLV or IAAF or if there is a suspicion that the participant will enter the race after taking non-approved substances (doping).

(4) For everyone who registers before June 23rd 2020 the organiser will send race numbers and medals to the participants. All others may receive their documents after the weekend of the 27th/28th of June 2020.

§ 6 Time measurement and irregular behaviour

(1) All competitions within the framework of the Stuttgart race are conducted using the "Mika-Timing App". A timekeeping by means of your own app or stopwatch is possible. Please send us your target time as well as proof in the form of a photo to


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  • Fritz-Walter-Weg 19
  • 70372 Stuttgart
  • Phone: 0700-2807 77 77 (0,12 euro per minute)
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