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Terms and Conditions for Participation at Stuttgart-Lauf 2021

Conditions to participate in Stuttgart-Lauf 10K concerning COVID-19 aquirements

Woh is allowed to participate in Stuttgart-Laf 10K - please respect the conditions:

Immunised Persons
(1) Immunised persons are persons vaccinated against or recovered from COVID-19. Immunised persons shall always be permitted access to the facilities or services referred to in Part 2 within the limits of available and permitted capacity. These shall present proof of vaccination or recovery, unless there is no requirement under Part 2 to present proof of testing of non-immunised persons.
(2) For the purposes of Paragraph 1,
1. A vaccinated person is an asymptomatic person who is in possession of a vaccination certificate issued to him or her within the meaning of Art. 2 Numeral 3 of the COVID-19 Protective Measures Exemption Ordinance of 8 May 2021 (“SchAusnahmV” - BAnz AT 8 May 2021 V1), and
2. A recovered person is an asymptomatic person who is in possession of a recovery certificate issued to him or her within the meaning of Art. 2 Numeral 5 SchAusnahmV.

Non-Immunised Persons
(1) A non-immunised person is a person who has neither been vaccinated against nor recovered from COVID-19 within the meaning of Art. 4 Paragraph 2. Non-immunised persons shall present a negative test certificate issued to them to the extent required by or pursuant to regulations made under this Ordinance.
(2) A tested person is an asymptomatic person who
1. Has not yet completed the sixth year of life or is not yet enrolled in school, or
2. Is a pupil of a primary school, a special educational and counselling centre,
a school that builds on the primary school or a vocational school, whereby the credible proof must as a rule be provided by an appropriate identification document.
(3) A test certificate is a proof within the meaning of Art. 2 Numeral 7 SchAusnahmV regarding a test that
1. Takes place on site under the supervision of the person who must verify the presence of a test certificate,
2. Is carried out within the framework of in-company testing within the meaning of occupational health and safety by personnel who have the necessary training or knowledge and experience to do so, or
3. Was performed or supervised by a service provider in accordance with Art. 6 Paragraph 1 of the Corona Virus Test Ordinance of 24 June 2021 (BAnz AT 25 June 2021 V1).
Testing by laboratory diagnostics using nucleic acid detection (PCR, PoC-PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technology) shall also be permissible. In the case of a rapid antigen test, the underlying test must not be more than 24 hours old, in case of a PCR test, the underlying test must not be more than 48 hours old.

§ 1 Scope - validity

(1) The Stuttgart race will be after the Int. Competition Rules (IWR) of the German Athletics Federation (DLV) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) under the supervision of the Württ. Leichtathletik-Verband e.V. The regulations can be found on the Internet at under the menu item "DLV" and the links "DLV-Service", "Wettkampforganisation" and "Regulations" or at the office during the personal submission of the application. The regulations were made public. For the inline race over 10 km the best immunizations of the German Rollsport- and Inline Verband e.V. (DRIVe) apply. The regulations can be viewed on the Internet at under the menu item "The Association" and the link "Statutes and Regulations" or at the office when you submit your personal registration form. The regulations were also made public.
(2) Organizer of the Stuttgart run is the Württembergische Leichtathletik-Verband e.V. (WLV), Fritz-Walter-Weg 19, 70372 Stuttgart. He is represented by the managing board.
(3) These conditions of participation govern exclusively the legal relationship between the participants and the organizer (organization contract). They are subject to occasional changes in content. They are part of the contract between the organizer and the participant in the version valid at the time of registration. Amendments that take into account the legitimate interests of the participants and are announced by the organizer on the Internet (electronic form without signature) or textual, then apply in the respective published version.

§ 2 Security measures

(1) Anyone who has reached the age stipulated in the respective event description is eligible to start. Participation in the Stuttgart-run 10K using other sports equipment as wheelchairs, handbikes or inline skates is not permitted. The use of Nordic walking sticks is only allowed when walking. Sports equipment which does not conform to the above description or which could otherwise affect the safety or health of the participants or visitors of the event, are only allowed to participate in the event after the organizer has given their prior express consent. 
(2) Organizational measures are announced by the organizers to the participants before the beginning of the event. The instructions of the organizer must be obeyed. This also applies to official instructions, e.g. by the police service or the local police. In the case of infringements which may disrupt the proper conduct of the event or jeopardize the safety of the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person concerned from the event at any time and / or disqualification. Legally binding declarations may be made against the participants only by the authorized persons of the organizer.

§ 3 Registration - Participation fee – Terms of Payment - Refund

(1) The registration can be made via online registration via the corresponding "web form" on the Internet. Registrations by fax, telephone or "electronic mail" (e-mail) will not be accepted. 
To simplify the registration process, there is the possibility to make both single and multiple applications. In the context of the multiple application, a contact person must be named, through whom the application is handled (a so called “Team Captain”). In the case of a multiple registration, the Team Captain guarantees that he is entitled to register all group members and to provide all explanations for them. The team captain will inform all group members about the terms of participation and the privacy policy.
By participating in the race, the participant declares his unqualified consent.
(2) Payment can only be made by direct debit. Registrations without simultaneous credit or payment of the participation fee will not be accepted. Registration can be made on the day of the event until one hour before the end of the competition by cash payment, if the participant limit has not yet been reached. 
 (3)The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time and / or to exclude him / her from the event if, at the time of registration, he / she culpably misrepresents personal data required for the evaluation of his or her sporting performance according to the above mentioned sporting regulations, he is subject to a ban by the DLV or IAAF or suspected that the participant goes after taking unauthorized substances (doping) at the start.
(4) Only results will be included in the list of results that were carried out in accordance with the registered competition (running / inliner / hand wheelchair and distance) and were achieved without the use of further high-performance measures and sports equipment. The permitted sports equipment is specified in Section 2, Paragraph (1).
(5) The organizer sends bibs and medals to the participants who are registered by a certain point in time (September 15s). All others have ti pick up their documents at the ParkingArea P1A at Mercedes-benz Arena on Sunday, 26th of September.
(6) Participation is a highly personal right and not transferable. Bibs are not transferable. 
(7) If a registered participant does not start without giving reasons or declares his non-participation to the organizer beforehand, there is no entitlement to repayment of the participation fee. 
(8) The reimbursement of the participant's contribution, by the way, can only be considered in the event of complete cancellation of the event. If the organizer is not responsible for the cancellation, only a partial reimbursement will be made in the amount of the difference remaining after deduction of the reasonable costs already incurred by the organizer; The participant reserves the right to prove that this proportionate effort was less. Such an unacceptable loss is especially in the event of force majeure (especially in unsuitable weather and traffic conditions, bomb threats, terrorism alerts and so on, see § 4 para 1 of these conditions) or in the case of official instructions. 
(9) The organizer sets an organizational limit (number of participants and / or latest registration date), which will be announced in the announcement of the respective race or at a later date. Registrations that exceed the limit will not be accepted. The provision of the registration form does not constitute an offer to conclude a participation contract, but is merely the invitation to submit an offer to the potential participants of the event.
(10) Participation is possible from anywhere in the world. However, the documents are only sent by post within Germany.

§ 4 Disclaimer 

(1) If the organizer is authorized in cases of force majeure or obliged by official order or for security reasons to make changes in the execution of the event or to cancel it, there is no obligation for the organizer to pay damages to the participant. 
(2) The organizer shall not be liable for damage to property or pecuniary loss that was not caused at least by gross negligence; this limitation of liability does not cover damage resulting from the culpable violation of a major contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) of the organizer and personal injury (damage to the life, body or health of a person). The above limitations of liability also extend to the personal liability for damages of employees, representatives, vicarious agents and third parties whom the organizer uses in connection with the performance of the event or with whom he is contractually bound for this purpose. 
(3) The organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participant in connection with the participation in running events. It is up to the participant to check his state of health in advance. By registering for the event, the participant declares that he is in a good health condition to attend the event. The organizer has provided non-binding health information on its website which can be observed in addition to any medical instructions. Although the health information has been professionally checked, the organizer does not guarantee the accuracy of the health information. 
(4) The organizer accepts no liability for objects commissioned by the third party; the liability of the organizer for gross selection negligence remains unaffected.

§ 5 Privacy

(1) The personal data provided by the participant upon registration will be stored and processed for purposes of execution and handling of the event. This applies in particular to the data necessary for payment processing. By registering, the participant concludes a contract with the WLV to fulfill the data processing described below is required (Article 6 para 1 b DSGVO).
(2) The participants' photos, film recordings and interviews in broadcasting, television, print media, books, photomechanical duplications (films, video cassettes, etc.) in connection with participation in the event may be distributed by the WLV without any claim to remuneration and be published. The own exploitation claims of the participants or authors remain unaffected by this regulation. 
(3) The personal data collected in accordance with §5, para. 1 shall be forwarded to a commercial third party for the purpose of processing the online registration, timekeeping, preparation of the result lists as well as the setting of these lists on the Internet. We have concluded an agreement with this service provider for data processing on behalf of Article 28 GDPR.
a photo is expressly not associated with this.
(4) The name, first name, year of birth, if applicable club, bib and result (placement and times) of the participant for the presentation of starter and result lists in all relevant media accompanying the event (printed matter such as program booklet, result book and result CD as well on the Internet). The organizer is obliged to do so in accordance with DLO Point 6 and has a legitimate interest (Article 6 para. 1 f DSGVO) to publish the results permanently on the internet. 
(5) The communication data, in particular the e-mail address of the participants, will be used for the electronic transmission of information about the event as well as for the invitation to the next event. It is up to the participant to register for the information service (newsletter) of the Stuttgart run with his email address via the homepage of the Stuttgart run. The participant has the possibility at any time to log out of the information service in the same way. 
(6) The participant may transfer, use and publish his personal data acc. Paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 above to the organizer in accordance with Article 21 DSGVO in writing, by fax or e-mail contradict. 
(7) The personal data of the participants, which are processed in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 f DSGVO, are stored until the participant objects as described in paragraph 6 or the organizer decides to delete the data, taking into account the interests of the participants , In addition, the data, which are exclusively necessary for the execution of the contract with the participant, will be deleted as soon as possible after the termination of the contract and the expiration of any statutory retention periods. 
(8) Each participant is entitled to the following rights under the respective conditions specified in the articles
•    the right to access by the data subject under article 15 DSGVO,
•    the right to rectification under article 16 DSGVO,
•    the right to erasure under article 17 DSGVO, 
•    the right to restriction of processing by article 18 DSGVO, 
•    the right to data portability under article 20 DSGVO, 
•    the right to object under article 21 DSGVO, 
•    the right to to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority under article 77 DSGVO, 
•    The right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on  consent before its withdrawal.
To exercise these rights, please contact the Organizing Office of the Stuttgart-Lauf in the business premises of the WLV (Fritz-Walter-Weg 19, 70372 Stuttgart, Email:

§ 6 Timing, (cashless) chip handling and irregular behavior

(1) All competitions within the framework of the Stuttgart run will be carried out exclusively by means of a "mika timing chip". The timing chip can only be used at Stuttgart-Lauf 10K - it's a single used chip.

§ 7 version, Severability clause and choice of law 

(1) These terms and conditions are valid as of August 26th 2021 and are valid until indefinitely until their recast. 
(2) As far as the above conditions do not regulate otherwise, only German law applies. International German law, such as UN-Kaufrecht is excluded. 
(3) Any invalidity of any provision of these Terms of Participation shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by those which come closest to the intended economic purpose and purpose of the regulation. The same applies to any contract gaps.

August 26th, 2021

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